Spanked and Humiliated 1 – Jewell Marceau


Spanked and Humiliated 1 starring Jewell Marceau
Lovely, buxom Jewell is humiliated more than spanked in this unusual scene which was shot as a custom video. In clip 1, Jewell gets out of bed and strips out of her sexy negligee. When an insurance investigator knocks, Jewell makes the mistake of answering the door in just a towel. The creep yanks the towel of her and takes naked photos of her as she screeches in horror and tries to cover herself with her hands. Jewell dresses in her sexy business skirt outfit and goes to work. But, she is late so her boss forces her to strip naked and model for him. In Clip 2, Jewell has to sit at her desk and work while completely nude. But the boss decides to punish her further so he puts her over his knee and spanks her ass really hard. Then, he forces her to pose some more. Later, Jewell is relaxing at home in jeans and tight top when the boss shows up. He orders her to put on a strip show for him. Not wanting to be fired, Jewell complies with his demands. The creepy boss cruelly taunts Jewell as she strips to her bra and panties and touches her body. To fulfill the guys fantasies, Jewell is forced to put on her business clothes and then to strip out of them. Once naked, he puts her over his knee and spanks her. He also fondles her body and insults her. Scene #SPNK0012
MP4 720×540.  Clip 1 is 24 minutes, Clip 2 is 25 minutes.
The photo set has 102 photos.

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