Something in the Air – Nina Neon


Something in the Air starring Nina Neon
Nina looks beautiful in a short dress, pantyhose and heels. An air conditioning repairman puts a few drops of a knock out drug in her air vents. Nina is overcome by the fumes and becomes very tired. With lots of yawning and eye-rolling, she passes out. She awakens tied kneeling on a chair with arms tied to the ceiling. The evil repairman packs her mouth with cloth and gags her with an elastic bandage. He then has a good time fondling and groping her all over. He pulls her dress all the way up so he can fondle her tits and her perfect nylon-clad ass. Then, in front of Ninas terrified eyes, he soaks a cloth in chloroform, removes her gag and clasps the cloth over her face. Still bound, Nina struggles hard but her eyes roll back and she goes limp. Then, the creep carries Nina into the bedroom and strips her naked. He fondles her luscious body all over. When Nina awakens, she is tied to the bed with her legs spread wide, gagged with her pantyhose between her teeth. She strains against the tight ropes but can not free herself. The guy returns and gropes Nina heavily. It will be a long night for her. Scene #KOTI0071
30 minutes. The photo set contains 121 photos. MP4 640×480

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