Sold Into Pantyhose Slavery – Rachel, Diana, Jolene



Sold Into Pantyhose Slavery starring Rachel Adams, Diana Grace, Jolene Hexx
Another great scene featuring bondage and nylons! Rachel and Diana come to see Jolene about doing charity work. But it’s all a scam! Jolene holds a chloroform-soaked cloth over Diana’s face, knocking her unconscious. A minute later, Rachel meets the same fate and is tossed limply onto the sofa.  The girls wake up tightly bound and gagged.  After some hopeless struggling, Jolene comes in and torments the girls. She tells them she is selling them to a wealthy buyer who loves hot girls in pantyhose.  Jolene removes her high heels and rubs her stocking feet all over the girls, including their faces. Later, the girls are bound and gagged in just their pantyhose.  The cruel buyer arrives and fondles the girls. He decides to take them and the girls whimper helplessly as Jolene says she’ll prepare them for delivery. A very hot clip! A few outtakes are included…mostly alternate takes of the chloroform scenes. 17 minutes. Scene #KOTI0233
HD MP4 1920×1080 – 759MB

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