Sneaking Up on the Spy – Miss Tiffany and Agatha



Sneaking Up on the Spy starring Miss Tiffany and Agatha

Super-spy Tiffany sneaks around the hideout of villainess Agatha. Agatha soaks a cloth and sneaks up on Tiffany. She clasps the cloth over her face. Tiffany struggles but then goes limp. Agatha drags her to the sofa and starts playing with her victim. She poses her and manipulates her body. When Tiffany wakes up, Agatha puts her to sleep again. She picks her up and carries her for a moment then puts her in a chair for more body manipulation. Agatha can’t resist calling her villain friends to brag. While she has her back turned, Tiffany awakens. She sneaks up on Agatha and uses the cloth on her. Agatha struggles hard but then her eyes roll back and she goes limp. Tiffany wastes no time playing with her former captor. She manipulates and poses her. When Agatha awakens, Tiffany applies the cloth again, putting her to sleep. 23 minutes. Scene #KOB0727

HD MP4 – 1920×1080 – 1GB

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