Sneak Up On Me – Jolene Hexx and Janira Wolfe



Sneak Up On Me starring Jolene Hexx and Janira Wolfe.
An incredibly erotic clip starring two of the most beautiful models anywhere! Janira and Jolene are lounging comfortably in their college dorm. Jolene mentions that she saw a movie where a woman was captured and a cloth was placed against her face. Jolene’s eyes light up as she describes the scene and how it turned her on. Janira is a little freaked out and is even more shocked when Jolene says she has some of the sleepy liquid…and she wants Janira to use it on her! Janira is reluctant but she soaks a cloth and sneaks up on Jolene. She makes Jolene wait, trembling with anticipation. She clasps the cloth over her face. Jolene struggles sensuously. She fully enjoys the experience, touching herself as she slowly drifts off. Janira reaches around to fondle Jolene’s breasts. The girls fall onto the bed and Janira applies the cloth again until Jolene goes limp. Janira can’t resists her roommates amazing body. She manipulates her, fondles her and licks her nipples. It’s really, really hot. Janira dresses Jolene in sexy black lingerie and stockings (off camera) then plays with her body some more. When Jolene awakens, Janira soaks the cloth again and, in a thrilling scene, tortures her with the cloth, applying it and pulling it away many times. Finally, she holds it over her face until Jolene goes limp. Janira is curious and holds the cloth to her own face. While she is experimenting with it, Jolene awakens and grabs Janira. She holds the cloth over her face. Janira’s eyes roll and Jolene gives her a kiss on the cheek just before she falls back, limp. But Jolene is still feeling the effects of the cloth and she falls limply onto Janira. Both girls give excellent performances. Jolene’s eye rolls are spectacular. Scene #KOB0617

The scene is 21 minutes, the outtakes are 20 minutes. The MP4s are 1920×1080.

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