Snatched From Bed and Held for Ransom – Diana Grace



Snatched From Bed and Held for Ransom starring Diana Grace
Diana is incredible as the helpless victim of kidnapper Tim Woodman. Diana is asleep in bed when Tim sneaks in and handgags her. Diana pleads as Tim ties her up and tapes her mouth. Left alone, Diana struggles hard. When Tim returns, he carries Diana to his waiting car. She struggles, wondering where she’ll be taken. Tim returns, closes her in and takes her to his hideout. Diana is tied to a post and squirms as Tim gropes her hot body. Left alone, Diana struggles against her ropes. Later, the cruel villain tells Diana that her family has paid the ransom…but he is not letting her go! After some more groping, he blindfolds Diana and leaves her there, whimpering with fear. The excellent outtakes, which are sold separately, contain lots of second camera footage…so you’ll see the action from different angles. There’s also footage of Diana posing for photos and joking around between takes. The scene is 27 minutes. Outtakes are 18 minutes. Scene #BG0876

HD MP4 – 1920×1080
Scene: HD – 1GB
Outtakes: HD – 760MB

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