Smacking the Detective – Carissa Montgomery


Smacking the Detective starring Carissa Montgomery
Sexy sleuth Carissa comes looking for master criminal Tim. But he sneaks up on her and smacks her hard on the head. She falls back into Tim’s arms, still awake with her eyes rolling. She moans as he sways back and forth with her. He picks her up in his arms and holds her for a while before placing her on the sofa. Pulling her top up, he gropes her luscious tits while she lies there, semi-conscious. When she regains consciousness and sits up, he hits her again, knocking her out cold. Tim strips his limp victim naked and gropes her luscious body and tits. Carissa is dragged to the bedroom. When she wakes up and tries to apprehend Tim, he knocks her to the bed with another vicious blow to the head. It takes two more blows to knock her unconscious. A couple of minutes of hot outtakes are included with the scene. 16 minutes. MP4 1280×640

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