Smacking Rachel – Rachel Adams



Smacking Rachel starring Rachel Adams
Beautiful real estate agent Rachel shows a house to house-hunter Donovan. But he’s actually there because He thinks some stolen money is hidden there. He distracts Rachel for a moment and smacks her on the head with a club. Rachel’s eyes roll back and she falls limp into Donovan’s arms. He puts her on the sofa and can’t resist groping her sexy tits before he goes off to look for the money. Rachel wakes up and staggers away but the criminal catches her and hits her again. This time, he plops her down on the bed. Left alone, Rachel awakens and staggers around again. But Donovan sneaks up and uses the club one more time. Rachel falls limply into a chair. Donovan opens her top and gropes her tits before leaving her there. A minute of outtakes is included. Scene #KOB0689

9 minutes. 1920×1080

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