Smacking Her Rival – Jolene Hexx and Jenna Noelle


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Smacking Her Rival starring Jolene Hexx and Jenna Noelle
Jenna and Jolene are hilarious and sexy in this fun scene! Real estate agent Jolene shows a house to Jenna. But, Jenna is actually a rival agent! She hits Jolene on the head, knocking her unconscious. She drags Jolene to the sofa and fondles her hot body. Later, when Jolene wakes up and sees Jenna talking on the phone, she sneaks up and knocks her out with a blow to the head. Jenna is dragged to the sofa where Jolene partially strips her and gropes her body. Jenna awakens later to hear Jolene talking to a potential buyer. She sneaks up and hit Jolene with the club. Jolene is dragged to the couch and partially stripped. When the buyer arrives, Jenna tells him Jolene got drunk and passed out then shows him the house. The creepy customer tells Jenna he’ll buy the house if she’ll grope Jolene. Jenna is confused. But she wants the sale so she gropes her rival. The guy is actually an agent himself so he knocks out Jenna! A few minutes of great outtakes conclude the clip. 17 minutes. The Photo Set has 47 photos. Scene #KOB0787

HD MP4 1920×1080 – 764MB

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