Smacking Eva Long – Eva Long and Violet October



Smacking Eva Long starring Eva Long and Violet October
Eva’s amazing eyes are put to good use in this thrilling hit on head clip! Eva is hanging out at home when mysterious Violet sneaks in and spies on her. When Eva comes into the bedroom, Violet smacks her on the head. Eva’s eyes roll but it takes another hit to knock her unconscious. Eva falls to the bed and Violet can’t wait to get her hands on her. She fondles and plays with her helpless victim, pulling up her nightie and kissing her body. She sucks and bites her nipples, enjoying every moment. When Eva awakens, disoriented, she staggers to the hall. Violet follows, smacking Eva several times. Eva’s eyes roll back and her body jumps from the blows. Finally, Violet strikes her hard enough to knock her out. Eva ends up naked on the kitchen table while Violet eats strawberries and drinks wine. She plays with Eva’s body some more then goes to the bedroom. Eva awakens and sneaks up up the creepy intruder. She hits Violet twice, knocking her out cold. Scene #KOB0652

18 minutes. MP4 is 1920×1080 (500mb).

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