Smacking Ember – Ember Stone and Miss Tiffany


Smacking Ember starring Ember Stone and Miss Tiffany
A short but thrilling hit on the head clip! Ember lounges in her room, unaware that sexy villain Tiffany is spying on her. When Ember goes to the kitchen, Tiffany waits to pounce. She hits Ember hard on the head. Ember’s eyes roll and she staggers away. Tiffany follows closely, smacking Ember several more times as she tries to escape. Ember makes her way into the bedroom where one more blow knocks her out cold. Tiffany is a professional but she can’t resist playing with Ember’s hot body while she waits for her henchman. Ember awakens and staggers to the living room. Tiffany hits her several times on the way. With the last blow, Ember falls to the couch unconscious. Tiffany calls her henchman and doesn’t notice Ember waking up. Ember grabs the club and knocks Tiffany out. When the henchman comes, Ember tells him Tiffany is the girl to take with him! A few outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0677

10 minutes. 1280×720.

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