Smacked and Tied Up Secretary – Danielle Trixie, Loren Chance


Smacked and Tied Up Secretary starring Danielle Trixie and Loren Chance
Loren has invited Danielle, her friend from work, over for a drink. Danielle tells Loren that she has noticed some money missing from the company. Of course, Loren is the thief so she leaves the room and returns with a club in her hand. She smacks Danielle on the head, knocking her out cold. As Danielle passes out, Loren catches her and drags her to the couch. She plays with Danielles limp body and limbs. Danielle awakens and staggers away but Loren hits her again, knocking her to the floor. Danielle wakes up tightly bound to a chair. She pleads for release but Loren cruelly stuffs a rag in her mouth and pulls a cloth between her teeth. Left alone, Danielle struggles hard. She manages to get the shoes off her stockinged feet but not much else. Loren returns and partially unties Danielle. Danielle gets up and tries to sneak away but Loren returns and hits her again. She drags Danielle to the couch but she is not quite unconscious so Loren strikes her again. Danielle wakes up bound in a closet, naked except for her nylons. She begs Loren not to gag her but Loren tapes her mouth up and gropes her luscious tits. Left alone, Danielle struggles against her ropes. Loren returns and knocks her out cold with a final blow to the head. The scene contains an alternate ending where Loren does not knock Danielle out…instead, she tells her she is leaving town and locks her in the closet. Also included with the scene are about 2 minutes of outtakes. Scene #KOTI0210
24 minutes. 1280×640.

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