Slip Her a Mickey – Stacy Burke, Anastasia Pierce and Tori


Slip Her a Mickey starring Stacy Burke, Anastasia Pierce and Tori Sinclair
Three legendary fetish actresses star in this fun, sexy scene which was shot as a custom video. In Clip 1, live-in employees Stacy (a maid) and Anastasia (a masseuse) complain about the super-bitch boss Tori. They discuss possible ways to ruin her life and they decide that knocking her unconscious would be a good way to start. Stacy imagines what it would be like to knock Tori out with a blow to the head and with chloroform (both possibilities are depicted on screen). But the girls decide they should give Tori a drugged drink. When Tori shows up, she immediately begins nagging and insulting her employees. They give her the mickey and she drinks it, causing her to become sleepy very quickly. Tori continues to bitch and complain even while she is falling asleep! The girls push Tori to the couch where she continues her slow descent into unconsciousness. As Tori sits there with her eyes rolling back, Stacy and Anastasia steal the jewelry off her body and try to get financial information from her. Eventually Tori passes out and the girls decide they need to drug her again with something stronger. In Clip 2, Tori is raging with hostility the next day. Stacy and Anastasia give her a cocktail with a more potent drug and Tori drinks up. Again, Tori becomes very sleepy, though she still keeps complaining. The girls push Tori to a bed where they strip her and dress her in some sexy night clothes. They manipulate her limp body and limbs as they try to get more information from her. When that fails, they make her think she is in a spa by massaging her body. But she still will not give up any info. In Clip 3, Anastasia and Stacy try to make Tori think she is a salon. Anastasia polishes her toenails while Stacy pretends to be her friend and asks probing questions. Tori is barely conscious and does nothing but moan and grunt. Realizing that they will not get any money this way, the girls turn to blackmail. They get undressed and pose for suggestive photos with their unconscious boss. Then, using lipstick, they write WE QUIT on the soles of her feet and leave her there helpless. All three actresses give fine performances but Tori is particularly great as the oblivious victim who stays bitchy even as she passes out. Scene #KOB0339

The scene is 58 minutes. Clip 1 is 17 minutes, Clip 2 is 24 minutes, Clip 3 is 17 minutes. The photo set contains 138 photos. MP4 640×480

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