Sleepy, Stimulated Spy – Ariel Anderssen, Mary Jane Green



Sleepy, Stimulated Spy starring Ariel Anderssen and Mary Jane Green
Gorgeous Ariel plays a spy who is chloroformed and tormented by evil Mary Jane Green. Ariel starts off naked on her bed, talking to a friend on the phone. She explains tat she is going to search villain Mary Jane’s house. She gets dressed in a sexy short skirt outfit with stockings and boots. She sneaks into Mary Jane’s house. While she looks at some evidence, MJ creeps up behind her and soaks a cloth with chloroform. She applies the cloth to Ariel’s face. Ariel’s eyes roll and she passes out. This chloroform scene is shorter than our usual ones. Mary Jane manipulates Ariel’s limp body for a bit before stripping her to her bra and panties. When Ariel awakens, MJ chloroforms her again. Ariel wakes up tied to a chair. She tries to reason with her captor but all Mary Jane wants to do is grope Ariel’s flesh. Mary Jane holds a bottle of a knock out drug under Ariel’s nose. This drug relaxes Ariel and releases her inhibitions. Mary Jane continues to fondle her victim but now Ariel enjoys it. MJ sticks her hand into Ariel’s panties and begins stimulating her (no genital contact is seen on screen). Ariel moans with pleasure and comes to an orgasm. Mary Jane soaks a cloth in chloro and teases Ariel with it before knocking her unconscious. About 2 minutes of outtakes are included with the scene. Scene #KOB0569
37 minutes. The photo set has 123 photos. 1280×640

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