Sleepy Stepdaughter Obsession – Scarlett Mae



Sleepy Stepdaughter Obsession starring Scarlett Mae
Tall stunning Scarlett gives a great performance in this hot scene! Looking incredible in her denim shorts, Scarlett hangs out with her stepfather. The guy is clearly hot for her but manages to keep his composure. When Scarlett leaves, however, he quickly grabs a bottle and cloth he keeps hidden in the closet. He sneaks up on Scarlett in the kitchen and clasps the cloth over her face. She struggles hard but then slows down. Her eyes flutter and she goes limp. The guy put her on the couch and begins playing with her limp body. He undresses her and gropes her perfect tits. When Scarlett awakens, groggy, she is quickly put to sleep again. When Scarlett awakens later with her clothes off, the stepdad is not around and she rushes out, confused. Later, Scarlett looks equally gorgeous in a tight mini-dress, stockings and heels. She tells her stepfather about how she woke up naked a few days ago and he expresses concern. Scarlett goes to her room, giving the creepy stepdad the opportunity to soak a cloth again. When Scarlett returns, he grabs her and chloroforms her. Scarlett is thrown onto the couch again and the guy gets to work groping her. He strips her down to her stockings and enjoys her body some more. When Scarlett wakes up, she staggers away. The guy applies the cloth to her face but then pulls it away, leaving Scarlett in a semi-conscious state as she tries to get away. Finally he holds the cloth to her face until she goes limp and he plops her onto the bed. This is a great clipand#8217;shot in 4K! A few minutes of excellent outtakes (including a couple of full chloroformings) are included with the full scene or with Clip 2.
Scene #KOB0707
1920×1080 MP4. 30 minutes..

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