Sleepy Spy Hunting – Jade Nile, Diana Grace



Sleepy Spy Hunting starring Jade Nile and Diana Grace

Jade and Diana are rival spies in this fun, campy limp fetish clip! Diana sneaks into a house to investigate a crime. When she tries to open a door, she’s hit with an electric shock. She falls to the floor, struggling to stay awake. She attempts to crawl away but goes limp. Jade enters and examines her limp rival. She goes to the same door and is not electrocuted. But, when she opens the door, gas shoots out. She falls to the floor and crawls a bit but then goes limp. She awakens and looks around. Suddenly, Diana sneaks up on her and gives her an injection in the neck. Jade tries to stagger away but then falls to her knees. After a second injection from Diana, Jade falls over and goes limp. Diana starts searching Jade’s body but ends up fondling her. Diana finds a briefcase. Thinking she’s found what she wants, she opens it and is hit with a spray of KO gas! She goes limp on the couch. When Jade awakens, she searches Diana and ends up fondling her. Jade is still very tired and tries to stagger out of the house but finds she’s locked in. Diana attacks her and the girls fight for a moment. But Jade sprays KO gas in Diana’s face. Diana falls limp to the floor and Jade goes limp next to her. A couple of minutes of very good outtakes are included. 30 minutes. Scene #KOB0736

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