Sleepy Spy Games – Jolene Hexx and Star Nine



Sleepy Spy Games starring Jolene Hexx and Star Nine.
Star is a spy, working late at the office. Rival Jolene shows up and soaks a cloth and waits. When Star comes out of the office, Jolene grabs her and uses the cloth to subdue her. Star puts up a fight but then her eyes roll and flutter and she goes limp. With Star under control, Jolene goes home. But Star shows up there and soaks a cloth. She attacks Jolene and uses the cloth to make her go limp. Jolene is dragged to the bedroom. Star is looking for a flash drive and, after searching Jolene, decides to strip her. The naked Jolene starts to wake up and tries to stagger away. Star torments her by applying the cloth and pulling it away several times. Each time, Jolene’s eyes roll and she gets weaker but she still won’t tell Star where the drive is. Finally, Jolene goes limp. When Star leaves the room, Jolene soaks the cloth and pretends to be asleep. When Star returns, she’s made limp with the cloth. Jolene strips her. When Star partially awakens, Jolene puts the cloth in a mask and puts it on Star’s face, keeping her in a semi-asleep state. Jolene’s boss shows up, supposedly to congratulate her on her capture. But he smacks her in the head and she goes limp. Both girls end up in a semi-asleep state with masks over their faces. Jolene and Star look incredible in this clip and their performances are excellent. A few minutes of outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0626

The scene is 20 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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