Sleepy Souvenirs – Celeste Star


Sleepy Souvenirs starring Celeste Star
Stunning Celeste is stalked, chloroformed and stripped by an intruder in this sexy, suspenseful scene. Celeste looks incredibly cute as she lounges at home in boxer shorts, tank top and white socks. Creepy Dave watches her and soaks a cloth in chloroform. When Celeste hears something and looks around, Dave follows her through the house then attacks her from behind. Celeste fights him but her eyes begin to roll back and she passes out. Dave carries her to the couch where he plays with her limp body. He takes one of her socks as a souvenir and leaves. Celeste wakes up confused and disoriented and staggers into he bedroom. When Dave attacks her, she jabs him with her elbow and runs. But she is caught and chloroformed. Dave carries Celeste to the bed. When she starts to wake up, he applies the chloroform for a moment to make sure she is out. Again, he enjoys playing with her lifeless limbs then takes her other sock and leaves. Celeste wakes up and goes to the kitchen. Dave sneaks up and clasps the chloroform over her face. She struggles but the drug is too strong and, with plenty of eye-rolling, she passes out. Celeste is dragged to the couch for more playing. Her shorts are removed, leaving her in just her top and some insanely sexy, sheer panties. When she awakens, Dave is not far away and he quickly knocks her out again. This time, he takes her top as a souvenir. When Celeste wakes up, she is so disoriented that she does not even notice when Dave enters and sits down. When she does realize it, he attacks her with the chloroform from the front, knocking her out cold. With some difficulty, Dave removes Celestes panties then ties her hands and ballgags her. When Celeste wakes up, Dave puts a mask on her containing a chloroform-soaked cloth. Celeste fights to stay awake but she passes out and is carried off in Daves arms. The fun outtakes contain lots of unused footage from the chlora scenes as well as Celeste joking around. Scene #KOB0358
40 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set contains 250 photos. MP4 640×480

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