Sleepy Sorority Sisters – Chrissy Marie, Janira Wolfe and Celeste


Sleepy Sorority Sisters starring Celeste Star, Chrissy Marie and Janira Wolfe
Three stunning girls star in this extremely hot chloroform scene! Sorority sisters Janira and Celeste talk about how they”re going to collaborate with their rival sorority to deign a float for the big parade. Janira is excited to meet with Chrissy and hopes that the girls can all be friends now. But Celeste sends her away and soaks a cloth in chloroform. When Chrissy arrives, Celeste is very rude to her. Chrissy starts to leave but Celeste clasps the rag over her face. Chrissy fights hard but her eyes roll and she falls to her knees. Celeste stands Chrissy up and pushes her to the sofa. She then chloroforms the stunned Chrissy into unconsciousness. When Janira returns, Celeste says Chrissy fainted and the girls carry her to the next room. When Janira turns her back, Celeste chloroforms her too. She strips both girls naked, manipulates their bodies and gropes Janira. She positions the girls in sexy poses and takes photos of them. Celeste doesn’t notice that janitor Tim has been spying on her. When Celeste exits, Tim enters and grabs the cloth. Celeste returns and is caught completely off guard when Tim sneaks up and chloroforms her! Tim strips Celeste naked and carries her out of the room. He returns and carries the other girls away as well. The 3 naked sorority girls are seated on a couch with Tim lusting over them. As each girl awakens, Tim ties a chloroform-soaked cloth over their faces. The girls do not pass out and the sight of all 3 of them with eyes half open is quite thrilling. The scene ends with Tim groping Janira‚Äôs breasts as the other two girls helplessly look on. Some brief outtakes are included. Scene #KOB0590
31 minutes. 1280×720. The photo set has 108 photos.

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