Sleepy Slaves – Alicia Alighatti and Promise


Sleepy Slaves starring Alicia Alighatti and Promise
Steve is skilled in mesmerizing women and is eager to show off his abilities to his friend. He is targeted two gorgeous chicks, Promise and Alicia, to practice his skills on. First, the two brutes break into the girls apartment. When Promise comes out of the hall, she is immediately grabbed and chloroformed. She struggles fiercely but eventually succumbs to the vapors as her eyes roll up in her head. Once she is laid out on the couch, the villain Steve plant commands in her sleeping mind. He programs her to be under his insidious mind control and orders her to chloroform and entrance her roommate as well. When Alicia comes home, Promise lunges out of a closet and smothers her friend with a rag doused in chloroform. She lays her on the bed and positions her body comfortably. Then, Promise puts Alicia in a trance in the same manner that she herself was entranced. Now both girls are under The Power of Steve! They continue to live normal lives until Steve and his friend break into their house again. Steve uses his trigger words and the girls pass out instantly. The friend spends some quality time with the two knocked out girls, groping them and posing them to his liking. Then, Steve orders the hotties to wake up and become wildly attracted to each other. When they come to, they strip and start making out passionately. They fondle each others tasty tits, suck each others nipples, and spank each others hot little asses. This is an incredibly hot scene! Steve knocks them out again with his special trigger words. Later, Steve commands Alicia to chloroform Promise in the kitchen while she is doing the dishes, naked. Promise struggles but soon goes limp in Alicias arms. Then Alicia chloroforms herself, as she has been commanded. Both girls are sprawled, naked and unconscious on the kitchen floor as the scene ends. The outtakes feature extra footage of the knock outs. Scene #KOB0091

28 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The Photo Set contains 171 photos. MP4 640×480

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