Sleepy Sisters Part 2 – Janira, Izzy, Celeste


Sleepy Sisters Part 2 starring Janira Wolfe, Izzy Wolfe and Celeste Star.
In the incredible conclusion, Celeste really gets down to business. She strips the sisters naked and fondles their limp bodies. We next see them in the bedroom where Celeste continues to play with them. She even manipulates their hands to make them touch each other’s gorgeous bodies. Left alone, the girls awaken and cautiously try to sneak out. But Celeste appear behind them and uses cloths on both of them at the same time! She places the girls on the sofa and leaves them again. When the girls awaken, they find the cloth and decide to get their revenge. When Celeste returns, they take turns subduing her with the cloth. Then, the carry her limp body away. This is an unbelievably hot scene! Scene #KOB0606
The scene is 19 minutes. 1280×720.

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