Sleepy Sisters Part 1 – Janira, Izzy, Celeste


Sleepy Sisters Part 1 starring Janira Wolfe, Izzy Wolfe and Celeste Star.
Incredibly beautiful real life sisters Janira and Izzy, along with luscious villain Celeste give excellent performances in this thrilling scene! The sisters go to a house to investigate the disappearance of their friend. They split up to search the house. Evil Celeste is watching and quickly soaks a cloth. She sneaks up on Janira and uses the cloth to subdue her. While Celeste holds her limp body up, Janira awakens and has to be subdued again. Celeste plays with her victim for a moment before turning her attention to Izzy. She attacks her from the front and uses the cloth to capture her. Celeste then sits the girls side by side on the couch and plays with their limp bodies. She kisses them and fondles them through their clothes. Janeiro awakens and Celeste applies the cloth briefly before pulling it away. She questions Janira while kissing her and then applying the cloth again. She applies it a few times until Janira goes limp. When Izzy awakens, Celeste does the same thing to her. Check Out Part 2 to find out what happens next! Scene #KOB0605
The scene is 21 minutes. 1280×720.

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