Sleepy Schoolgirls in Jeopardy – Odette, Janira, Mary Jane



Sleepy Schoolgirls in Jeopardy – Odette Delacroix, Janira Wolfe, Mary jane Green
The 2 cuties give fine performances in this tale of intrigue. Looking incredible in plaid skirts, white blouses and knee socks, college newpaper reporters Janira and Odette sneak into Mary Jane’s house to look for evidence of her criminal activities. But Mary Jane sneaks up on Janira and chloroforms her. Janira fights hard and with some nice eye-fluttering, she passes out in MJ’s arms. Then, MJ attacks Odette. She chloroforms her and carries her(!) to the bedroom where she is plopped down on a bed next to her friend. MJ plays with the girls bodies briefly to make sure they’re limp. Then she ties them both up securely, all on screen. The girls awaken and beg to be released. But MJ gags them with duct tape and leaves them. The girls struggle hard, rolling around on the bed and giving you great views up their short skirts. Finally, they manage to free themselves and try to sneak out. But, when Odette realizes that Janira plans to take credit for the story, she grabs the cloth and chloroforms her. Janira puts up a good struggle but the drug is too strong and she passes out. Odette tosses her friend on the bed and tries to sneak out but MJ chloroforms her again and leaves her on the bed next to Janira. The fun outtakes include lots of extra footage from the knock out scenes. Scene #KOTI0221
36 minutes. The photo set has 107 photos.

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