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Sleepy Scarf – Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx

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Sleepy Scarf starring Diana Grace and Jolene Hexx
Diana and Jolene are great in these 2 fun, sexy chloroform stories which feature lengthy chloroform scenes. First, Diana is angry at roommate Jolene for borrowing her large, colorful scarf. Jolene soaks the end of the scarf in chloroform and clasps it over Diana’s face. Diana struggles for a long time. Then her eyes flutter and she slowly passes out. Jolene manipulates Diana’s limp body and limbs. When Diana awakens, Jolene uses the scarf to knock her out again. Jolene wraps the scarf around Diana’s face and casually talks on the phone. Diana awakens and add some chloroform to the scarf. She then chloroforms Jolene.

In the second story, therapist Jolene tells patient Diana about an aroma-therapy treatment. She applies some liquid to her colorful scarf and tells Diana to hug her. Diana goes along with this strange treatment and breathes in the fumes. She gets very sleepy, her eyes rolling back. Finally, she asses out. The Outtakes clip contains alternate edits of the chloroformings as well as some second camera footage. The Scene is 19 minutes. Outtakes are 18 minutes. The Photo Set has 83 photos. Scene #KOB0797

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