Sleepy Party Girls – Jolene Hexx and Dresden



Sleepy Party Girls starring Jolene Hexx and Dresden.
Two very sexy girls subdue each other and enjoy each other’s luscious bodies in this fun clip. Jolene and Dresden come home from a night of partying, looking hot in their short dresses. Jolene finds herself very attracted to her friend and comes on to her. Dresden rejects Jolene’s advances and goes to her room, upset. Jolene spies on her sexy friend and soaks a cloth (she uses so much liquid, it drips onto the floor. Jolene sneaks up on Dresden and clasps the cloth over her face. Dresden puts up an intense fight, struggling desperately and trying to breathe through the cloth. But she grows tired, her eyes roll back and she goes limp in Jolene’s arms. Jolene drags her limp victim to the bed. But Dresden is still awake and tries to get up before Jolene uses the cloth on her again. She strips Dresden naked and gropes her tits and body. It’s very erotic. Dresden awakens and tries to stagger away but Jolene grabs her. She torments her by applying the cloth to her face and then pulling it away, leaving Dresden gasping for breath. Then, she presses it to her face and holds it until Dresden goes limp. Jolene plops her victim onto the bed and then gets undressed before doing some more sexy fondling. Jolene leaves the room and Dresden awakens. She soaks the cloth with a lot of liquid and sneaks up on Jolene. She clasps the cloth over Jolene’s face. Jolene struggles hard but then her eyes roll back and she goes limp. Dresden drags her back to the bed and plays with her gorgeous body. Jolene awakens and, in a great scene, tries to crawl away. Dresden applies the cloth a few times and pulls it away before she applies it long enough to put Jolene to sleep. This is a really exciting clip. Jolene is always excellent and Dresden, in her first video with us, is cute as hell and gives a thrilling performance. Scene #KOB0618

30 minutes. The MP4s are 1920×1080.

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