Sleepy Pantyhose Plaything – Indica Fetish, Miss Tiffany



Sleepy Pantyhose Plaything starring Indica Fetish and Miss Tiffany
Nice girl Indica is excited to hang out with beautiful Tiffany, her friend from work. She enjoys a drink and chats with her friend. But then she starts to feel tired. Indica tries to continue the conversation but she gets more and more sleepy. Eventually, her eyes flutter and she goes limp. Tiffany is excited to have a new plaything and quickly starts fondling her and playing with her limp limbs. She strips Indica to her pantyhose and gropes her hot body. Tiffany strips to her pantyhose and bra and rubs her exquisite stocking feet all over Indica. When Indica awakens, she groggily staggers away. Tiffany soaks a wash cloth in chloroform and grabs Indica from behind. Indica’s eyes roll back and she passes out in Tiffany’s arms. Tiffany lays Indica’s limp body over the edge of the sofa and gropes her ass. She even sticks her hands inside Indica’s nylons. This is a very erotic clip! 17 minutes. Scene #KOB0700 1920×1080 MP4

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