Sleepy Model Rivalry – Diana Grace and Jackie Hoff


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Sleepy Model Rivalry starring Diana Grace and Jackie Hoff
A fun, sexy chloroform scene starring 2 great performers! Jackie and Diana are both trying out for the same modeling job. Devious Diana soaks a cloth, sneaks up on Jackie, pushes her against a wall and chloroforms her from the front. She moves Jackie to the sofa and fondles her. When Jackie wakes up, she confesses that she enjoyed being knocked out. The girls decide to have some sleepy fun. Jackie soaks a cloth, chloroforms Diana and pulls her limp body onto the sofa. After some fondling, Jackie leaves to get the modeling job! The Outtakes contain lots of alternate shots of the chloro scenes, including some second camera footage. Order the Package to get the scene and the Outtakes for one low price! The Scene is 16 minutes. Outtakes are 14 minutes. 1920 x 1080. Scene #KOB0799

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