Sleepy Love Triangle – Charlotte Stokely, Ashley Lane



Sleepy Love Triangle starring Charlotte Stokely and Ashley Lane
Two of the most beautiful actresses in the fetish world star in this extremely erotic sleepy story. Ashley is a bit shocked when her boyfriend Tim tells her that his ex-girlfriend Charlotte is coming for a visit. Ashley knows that Tim has been wanting to do a threesome. Charlotte arrives and is immediately hot for Ashley. But Ashley is nervous. Charlotte suggests that Ashley can just sleep through their encounter. Ashley reluctantly agrees. Charlotte soaks a cloth with chloroform and gently applies it to Ashley’s face a couple of times. Then, she applies it and holds it. Ashley tenses up and resists a bit but then gives in to the fumes. With her exquisite blue eyes fluttering, Ashley passes out. Charlotte is eager to enjoy Ashley and quickly starts playing with her tits. Tim and Charlotte move Ashley’s limp body into different positions and Charlotte fondles her all over, including her luscious ass. Charlotte puts her hands between Ashley’s thighs and stimulates her. Ashley, semi-conscious, moans with pleasure, her eyes partially open. She moans loudly while Charlotte brings her to an orgasm. The orgasm wakes Ashley up completely and she tells Tim and Charlotte how much she enjoyed it. Then Charlotte wants to be knocked out. She stands up and Ashley clasps the cloth over her face from behind. Charlotte’s eyes roll back and she moans sensuously until she goes limp and falls to the bed. Ashley enjoys caressing Charlotte’s body and fondling her tits. And Tim is happy to join in. Ashley rubs her hand between Charlotte’s thighs. Charlotte partially wakes up and begins moaning with pleasure. She has an orgasm and wakes up completely. The girls decide to give Tim (and you) a chloro show. They each hold a cloth over each other’s face. Their eyes flutter and both girls fall back unconscious. Tim has a good time moving the girls into different positions and groping their luscious limp bodies. Scene #KOB0694 MP4 1920×1080

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