Sleepy in Satin 2 – Lexi Belle


Sleepy in Satin 2 starring Lexi Belle
2 great chloroform scenes! First, in sexy, shiny satin pajamas, Lexi sits on the couch bound and gagged. She struggles (her top slips down, exposing her perfect tits) and is terrified when the villain enters and soaks a cloth in chloroform. Without removing her gag, he clasps the cloth over her mouth and knocks her out. He then fondles her briefly. Next, Lexi, in a short purple nightgown, puts her make up on in the bathroom. But, an intruder is spying on her. He grabs her and knocks her out with chloroform. He then sits her on the sink and enjoys her limp body. The outtakes contain some great extra footage from the knock outs. Scene #KOB0464
8 minutes. The outtakes are 4 minutes. MP4 640×480

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