Sleepy in a Gold Bikini – Stacy Burke


Sleepy in a Gold Bikini starring Stacy Burke
Stacy, in a cute gold bikini, is given a drugged drink by Mr. Steele. After Stacy passes out on the couch, Mr. Steele fondles and caresses his unconscious victim. When Stacy wakes up confused and disoriented, Mr. Steele knocks her out again, this time with a blow to the head. Mr. Steele ties up Stacy and then fondles her lifeless body. Stacy wakes up alone, confused and tied up?! She manages to untie herself, but is knocked out again with a blow to the head. Mr. Steele strips off Stacy’s bikini and fondles her naked breasts and body. When Stacy regains consciousness, Mr. Steele compassionately offers her some water, but unfortunately for Stacy it’s the same drugged drink from earlier, and once again Stacy passes out. Scene #KOB0364
25 minutes. MP4 640×480

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