Sleepy Girlfriend Manipulation – Chrissy Marie


Sleepy Girlfriend Manipulation starring Chrissy Marie.
Chrissy could not be cuter or more desirable in this fun, sexy consensual clip. Looking lovely in white blouse, black skirt and tan pantyhose, Chrissy greets boyfriend Tim when he comes home. Tim complains about his work at a perfume company. Chrissy offers to check out some of the fragrances. She stands while Tim sprays perfume. The first couple of sprays don’t affect her. But then Tim tries a new fragrance. Chrissy’s eyes roll and she falls limply to the floor! Tim is concerned but can’t resist playing with Chrissy’s limp limbs. He moves her head around, does some eye checks and plays with her face. He then lifts her body up off the floor and holds her for a moment before carrying her in his arms. Placed on the couch, Chrissy awakens and is excited and turned on by what happened. Tim sprays her again and she falls into Tim’s arms. He manipulates her body and face while holding her upright in front of him. He carries her over his should for a while then sits her in a chair for some serious face and mouth manipulation along with more eye checks. Chrissy awakens and Tim uses the spray yet again. Tim plays with her face and body as he does strips her naked. He fondles her luscious breasts and body as she lies there helpless and limp. When she wakes up, she says how much she enjoyed the experience. She wants to do it again. This time, Tim sprays the stuff on a cloth. As the nude Chrissy walks away (glancing behind her in anticipation), Tim clasps the cloth over her face. Chrissy pretends to struggle a bit then her eyes roll and she goes to sleep. Tim carries her in his arms then places her on the couch for more fondling. He picks her up again and carries her away. Very sexy. Scene #KOB0603

The scene is 39 minutes, Clip 1 is 20 minutes, Clip 2 is 19 minutes. 1280×720.

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