Sleepy For Slavery – Stacy Burke, Anastasia Pierce and Tori


Sleepy For Slavery starring Stacy Burke, Anastasia Pierce and Tori Sinclair
Three incredible actresses star in this hot scene. Tori needs money and decides to sell two co-workers into slavery. Stacy arrives, thinking they are going out for drinks but Tori sneaks up on her and clasps a rag over her face. Stacy struggles and squeals but the chloroform does its job and Stacys eyes flutter as she falls unconscious. Tori takes the opportunity to manipulate and fondle her friends limp body. When Anastasia arrives, she meets the same fate. Tori chloroforms her and places her on the couch next to Stacy so she can fondle both of them. Later, Stacy wakes up and staggers away but Tori is waiting and she knocks the perky blonde out again. When Anastasia wakes up and tries to flee, she is also chloroformed. Tori strips her victims naked and gives them a good fondling. Slaver Loren Chance shows up to take the girls away but she decides she wants three girls so she chloroforms Tori. Tori is understandably shocked and fights hard but her body goes limp and she falls unconscious to the floor. Scene #KOB0340

18 minutes. The photo set contains 129 photos. MP4 640×480

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