Sleepy for Ransom – Jewell Marceau and Mary Jane Green



Sleepy for Ransom starring Jewell Marceau and Mary Jane Green
The two gorgeous brunettes give excellent performances in this exciting clip! Concerned about being broke, Mary Jane comes crying to her friend Jewell. She needs to bail her boyfriend out of jail. When Jewell says no, Mary Jane decides to hold her for ransom. She sneaks up on Jewell and clasps the rag over her face. Jewell fights desperately and manages to break free. Gasping for breath, she tries to run but MJ grabs her and applies the cloth again until Jewell goes limp. She drags her friend away and takes her to another location where she plops her down on a mattress. Left alone, Jewell wakes up and, though very disoriented, tries to stagger away. But Mary Jane suddenly jumps out from a doorway and captures Jewell. She throws her down on the mattress again and, in a very erotic scene, starts groping Jewell. When Mary Jane leaves, a man jumps out and uses a cloth on her. It’s her boyfriend! When Mary Jane goes limp, he drags her to the other room. The girls end up side by side on the mattress, naked (MJ has pantyhose on). Their mouths are covered with soaked cloths held in place with surgical masks. Their eyes are partially open and they move a little and whimper quietly. The boyfriend plans to keep the girls in a semi-asleep state until he’s done with them. A few minutes of excellent outtakes conclude the clip. They include lots of extra footage from the capture scenes. Scene #KOB0612

The scene is 16 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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