Sleepy Foot Party – Nickey Huntsman and Star Nine



Sleepy Foot Party starring Nickey Huntsman and Star Nine
Co-workers Nickey and Star are having a sleepover. Star seems unusually interested in Nickey’s feet which makes Nickey very uncomfortable. When Nickey steps out, Star soaks one of her socks in a liquid. Nickey returns and Star pounces on her, clasping the sock over her face. Nickey fights hard and breaks free. As she tries to run away, Star grabs her again. Nickey continues fighting but then her eyes roll and she goes limp. Star dumps Nickey on the bed and begins to play with her. She worships Nickey’s feet and holds them against her breasts and her crotch. When Nickey awakens, Star soaks the sock again, holds it between her toes and presses it to Nickey’s face, making her go limp again. Removing Nickey’s top, Star uses her feet to fondle Nickey’s breasts. Nickey awakens again and is really turned on. She tells Star how much she enjoyed being limp. The girls soak 2 socks, hold them with their toes and use them to make each other go limp simultaneously. About 4 minutes of excellent outtakes are included with the full scene. The outtakes features some footage from a second camera we had running while this hot scene was being shot. It includes some footage of Nickey being subdued and lots of footage of Star playing with Nickey’s limp body.Scene #KOB0632

The scene is 24 minutes. The MP4 is 1920×1080.

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