Sleepy Face Manipulation – Charlotte Stokely


Sleepy Face Manipulation starring Charlotte Stokely
Charlotte, looking lovely in a short dress, thigh high stockings and heels is chloroformed and manhandled by an intruder in this feast for face fans. Charlotte comes home and relaxes for a moment. When she gets up, the guy attacks her, pushes her against a wall and clasps a rag over her face. After some resistance, Charlotte gets very weak. The guy drags her to the couch, her limp arms still flapping. He applies the cloth again and fondles her breasts as she passes out. He then manipulates her body and plays with her face, opening and closing her eyes and twisting her mouth into many contorted positions. With his other hand, he fondles her luscious body and legs. Later he stands up and dances with Charlotte’s lifeless body. He picks her up in an unusual manner, as if she is sitting on his arm. The unconscious Charlotte lies on a coffee table while the guy relentlessly fondles her body and plays with her face, eyes and mouth. He removes her shoes and plays with her stocking feet. When Charlotte wakes up, she tries to stagger away. But the guy chloroforms her again. Charlotte is so weak that she does not put up much of a fight. Her eyes roll and she passes out in his arms. He carries her over his shoulder to the bedroom for more manipulation. Charlotte is stripped down to her garters and stockings and the guy continues to fondle her body and face. The outtakes are very unusual. They consist of completely different versions of the knock outs, which were shot for a custom video. For the first one, Charlotte comes home and asks her boyfriend to hypnotize her so she can sleep. He counts to 10. With each number, she becomes sleepier and finally passes out. In the second one, she wakes up and staggers away but then passes out and is carried off. At the end, she awakens happy to have had a good nights sleep. The photo set includes a few photos from the outtake scenes. Scene #KOB0410
40 minutes. The outtakes are 5 minutes. The photo set contains 167 photos. MP4 640×480

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