Sleepy Cuisine – Bella Starr and Mary Jane Green

Sleepy Cuisine starring Bella Starr and Mary Jane Green
Mary Jane and Bella find that food, chloroform and pussy can be a very exciting mixture. Rich bitch Mary Jane has just hired a mysterious new chef. But she really has her eye on the chefs gorgeous blond assistant, Bella. She convinces the chef to put knock out drops in a pan of boiling sauce, and when Bella stirs it, she slowly gets woozy and passes out. Bella looks so helpless and ravishing, unconscious on the kitchen floor in her skimpy maid outfit. The chef places her on the table for Mary Janes lascivious lesbian pleasure. MJ toys with her sleeping prey, manipulating her body and exploring her delicious flesh. The chef puts cake frosting on Bellas nipples and body and MJ ravenously licks it off.
Mary Jane rolls Bella on her stomach and eats off her firm young ass. When Bella awakens, the chef chloroforms her until her eyes flutter and she slips back into sweet oblivion. The chef places some lemon meringue pie just above Bellas crotch and MJ begins to feast on it. Before long, Mary Jane starts to lick Bellas perfect little pussy and fuck her with her long fingers. This time, when Bella wakes up, she is too turned on to protest. She squirms and moans in pleasure until she cums all over Mary Janes fingers. Mary Jane wants some unconscious pleasure of her own. She orders Bella to knock her out and stimulate her. Bella hits MJ over the head and uses a vibrator with a wide head on her adorable pussy. Mary Jane eventually wakes up, moaning in ecstasy and sucking on her fingertips until she cums. When she is finished, she hits Bella on the head, knocking her out cold. Then Mary Jane holds the chloroform over her own face and passes out. The girls look amazingly hot, passed out next to each other on the table. Scene #KOB0281

36 minutes. The photo set contains 175 photos. MP4 640×480

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