Sleepy Cop – Karlie Montana


Sleepy Cop starring Karlie Montana
Detective Karlie goes undercover to investigate a master criminal. Having met up with the guy at a bar, Karlie comes back to his house with him. Thinking he is going to get laid, the guy gets Karlie a drink. But, when he realizes she is a cop, he drugs her drink. Karlie drinks up and gets very sleepy. She makes a pitiful attempt to arrest the guy and, slurring her words, tells him how much trouble he is in. Karlie’s body flops around as she struggles to stay awake. The guy gets impatient so he uses and eye dropper to drip some of the drug directly into Karlie’s mouth. When she passes out, the he carries her to the bedroom and gropes her limp body. Karlie awakens partially and again tries to arrest the creep. She attempts to walk but has no control over her body. The guy injects a drug into Karlie’s neck knocking her unconscious. He strips her and fondles her naked body. Karlie is an excellent sleepy actress and she is at her best in this thrilling scene. Scene #KOB0474
26 minutes. The photo set contains 83 photos. MP4 HD 1280×680

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