Sleepy and Stimulated – Star


Sleepy and Stimulated starring Star
Lovely Star gets a job house-sitting. She shows up at the house and, thinking it is empty, relaxes on the couch. She is unaware that the homeowner is watching her. He sneaks in and drugs the water she is drinking. After a few sips, Star gets very sleepy and soon passes out. The guy manipulates her body, strips her down to her panties and gropes her hot body. When she awakens, he chloroforms her. She wakes up tightly bound to a chair and blindfolded. A large vibrator is pressed against her panty-clad crotch. The villain gags her with cloth packing, followed by a cloth between her teeth followed by 2 strips of tape! He removes the blindfold, turns on the vibrator and fondles her tits. In front of Star’s terrified eyes, he soaks a cloth with chloroform and holds it over her face. Stars eyes roll as she slowly passes out, the vibrator buzzing away against her crotch. The outtakes, which are included with the scene, contain some unused footage of the first chloro. Scene #KOTI0175  21 minutes. The photo set contains 129 photos. 1280×640.

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