Sleepy and Sexy in Socks – Brooke Johnson


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Sleepy and Sexy in Socks starring Brooke Johnson
An unusual scene featuring lots of knock outs, some sleepy masturbation and an incredible performance by stunning Brooke! Brooke chats with her neighbor Victor. When he confesses his interest in sleepy fetish, Brooke asks him to leave. Instead of leaving, he hits her on the head, knocking her out. Victor stays for a while, knocking Brooke out in several ways – hit on head with a club, with a pan and with a bottle. He makes her chloroform herself and even uses a nerve pinch (on her foot) to put her to sleep. He fondles her a lot, paying extra attention to her feet and cute pink socks. Eventually, Brooke starts to enjoy being knocked out. Looking at the camera, she masturbates while she begs you to knock her out. Then she says she wants to cum so hard that she passes out and wants you to cum on her socks while she’s unconscious! The separate outtakes include second camera footage so you can see the action from a different angle. Scene #KOB0796

The Scene is 55 minutes. It’s a big file – 2.8GB.
The Outtakes are 43 minutes. 1.9GB

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