Sleepy and Secure in Scarves – Charlie Laine


Sleepy and Secure in Scarves starring Charlie Laine
Charlie looks great in this highly unusual scene which was made as a custom video. Charlie enters in a skirt, top, heels and a scarf. She sits down and plays with some rope and strips of cloth. Then, with some difficulty, she ties herself up and gags (with 2 bandanas!) and blindfolds herself. She struggles sensuously for a while. Later, Mary Jane enters, taunts Charlie with a chloroform soaked rag and then knocks her out. It is a very unusual knock out since Charlie is blindfolded and we can not see her eyes. She lightly fondles Charlies limp body. Next, Charlie wakes up hogtied on a couch, still gagged and blindfolded. She struggles for a while and eventually frees herself. As she tries to sneak out, MJ sneaks up on her and chloroforms her again. When Charlie awakens, MJ orders her to strip and put on another skirt outfit. Charlie is seated on the floor and Mary Jane ties her up on screen. She gags Charlie with a double gag- one bandana between her teeth and one over that. Charlie is blindfolded and left to struggle. The fun outtakes include lots of footage of Charlie being tied up. Scene #KOTI0154
38 minutes. The outtakes are 11 minutes. The photo set contains 78 photos. MP4 640×480

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