Sleepmaster Clips – Darby, Jordan Scott, Stacy Burke and Vanessa


The Sleepmaster starring Darby, Jordan Scott, Stacy Burke and Vanessa
An intriguing story, great camera work and fine performances from 4 gorgeous models make this one of our most exciting scenes ever. The scene includes a scary and powerful performance from the actor playing The Sleepmaster. His imposing size and booming voice makes the KO scenes more frightening.
Posing as a teacher at an all girls college, The Sleepmaster lures the unsuspecting women to his home with a promise of a role in the upcoming college play. First to arrive is stunning brunette Vanessa. Looking adorable in a plaid skirt, white blouse, socks and sneakers, she arrives at her audition only to be greeted by the masked villain. Vanessa is grabbed and chloroformed. After an energetic struggle, Vanessa grows weak and falls to the floor unconscious. The hulking madman carries Vanessa to a back room. Tasty redhead Darby, also in a plaid skirt outfit, arrives next and promptly meets the same fate. With plenty of eye-rolling, she falls unconscious and, after a bit of fondling, she ends up on the floor next to her friend. Stacy arrives and is stalked through the house before being attacked. The bastard even fondles her breasts while he is knocking her out with chloroform. Stacy is placed on the floor with the other victims and The Sleepmaster inspects his new playthings. Beautiful Jordan shows up next. She finds her friends unconscious and, before she can even react, she is also knocked out with chloroform. The Sleepmaster can not resist Jordans wonderful, curvy body and takes a few moments to fondle her before sitting her next to the others. The shot of all 4 girls seated side by side in their plaid school outfits is incredible. But things get even hotter when our villain begins fondling their bodies. He opens their blouses and pulls up their skirts so he can take provocative photos of them. Later, the chloroform starts wearing off. Vanessa wakes up and, terrified, she tries to flee. But, she is grabbed and chloroformed again. She is carried to the couch and, while she is being fondled, Stacy awakens in the other room. She tries to stagger away but is also chloroformed. There are some nice up skirt shots here and throughout the scene. The masked menace carries Darby to the couch and begins fondling her. But, she awakens and must be chloroformed again. Stacy is carried to the couch. Meanwhile, Jordan awakens and is promptly knocked unconscious by the cloth-wielding villain. After some more fondling, he further degrades the girls by pulling up their skirts and bras, exposing their 8 beautiful tits. He poses the girls so that they are touching each other and takes more photos for his collection. The outtakes contain lots of great unused footage from the chlora scenes and some still images. This is one of our older scenes. It looks pretty good but it is not up to our current quality standards. Scene #KOB0326
52 minutes. MP4 640×480

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