Sleeping With My Best Friend – Diana Grace, Brooke Johnson


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Sleeping With My Best Friend starring Brooke Johnson and Diana Grace
Diana and Brooke are unbelievably sexy in this erotic chloroform scene! Diana comes home from a party and tells her roommate Brooke about a new drug she tried – chloroform. Brooke is intrigued so Diana lets her try some. Brooke is cautious at first, sniffing a chloroform soaked cloth. So Diana helps her, pushing the cloth into Brooke’s face. With some nice eye fluttering, Brooke passes out. Diana can’t resist her friends luscious limp body and she fondles Brooke sensuously. Brooke wakes up and tells Diana how much she enjoyed being unconscious. She wants to return the favor. In an extremely sexy scene, Brooke pushes Diana onto a sofa and chloroforms her. She then gropes her beautiful friend. It’s hard to describe how hot their gorgeous bodies look as Brooke plays with Diana. When Diana awakens, the girls decide to knock each other out. They both press their faces into a cloth until they pass out and Brooke goes limp on top of Diana. A great scene with 2 of our most beautiful and talented actresses! A few minutes of outtakes are included. 24 minutes. Scene #KOB0785

HD MP4 1920 x 1080 – 1GB

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