Sleeping With Her Best Friend – Charlie and Sammie


Sleeping With Her Best Friend starring Charlie Laine and Sammie Rhodes
2 of our hottest models ever star in this hot scene combining knock outs and hardcore girl/girl action! College girl Sammie is bummed that she cannot go home over the holiday break, so she hangs out with Charlie, whose wealthy parents are away. The girls have the house to themselves, and the first thing Charlie does is spike Sammies drink. She grins and watches as Sammie grows tired and woozy, then passes out. Unconscious, Sammie is totally helpless as Charlie strips her and re-dresses her in a sexy black tank, skirt and heels. Charlie changes to a hotter outfit too since she wants to look sexy for their date. Charlie drags Sammie into the other room and begins to nuzzle, kiss and fondle her. She pulls down Sammies top and kisses the luscious natural tits she has been lusting after all semester long. She decides to get her vibrator and leaves for a moment. Sammie stirs and wakes up, disoriented and confused, but Charlie chloroforms Sammie using her own panties! With Sammie unconscious again, Charlie takes full advantage of her vegetative state and rubs a vibrator all over Sammies pink pussy. Charlie gets so horny molesting her unconscious classmate that she starts rubbing her own tits and clit. This time, when Sammie wakes up, she is so aroused that she cannot protest. Instead, she has a screaming orgasm. Charlie tells Sammie she loves unconscious sex and asks her to return the favor. Charlie removes her own panties, douses them in chloroform and gives them to her friend. Sammie chloroforms Charlie and starts kissing and fondling her. Sammie eats Charlies juicy pussy and finger fucks her until she wakes up, moaning and writhing in sheer bliss. Sammie continues until Charlie is completely satisfied. The outtakes include great unused footage from the scene. Scene #KOB0151
38.5 minutes. The outtakes are 7 minutes. The photo set contains 139 photos. MP4 640×480

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