Sleeping with Friends – Jolene Hexx and Star



Sleeping with Friends starring Jolene Hexx and Star Nine

Friends Star and Jolene are hanging out and reluctantly bring up the sleepy games they played last time they were together in “Truth or Dare.” Star bashfully admits that it was really hot! Of course they agree to do it again. Jolene volunteers to go first and the girls strip down to just their panties. Jolene waits excitedly as Star soaks a cloth and sneaks up behind her. Jolene breathes in the fumes and goes limp. Star drags her over to the couch where she lays her down and plays with her limp arms. She caresses her hot body and tits. She admires and rubs Jolene’s cute stocking feet and continues fondling her until she wakes up. Now it’s Star’s turn! She anticipates the cloth as Jolene comes up behind her with it. Jolene chloroforms Star and brings her to the couch for her turn to admire and grope her friend. She plays with her and licks her breasts before moving on to her nylon feet. Jolene drags Star’s limp body to the bedroom and decides she wants to be unconscious too. She holds a cloth over her own face and slowly passes out. Jolene awakens and the girls decide they want to be sleepy together. They sit up on the bed, soak two cloths, and clasp them over each other’s faces. Their eyes roll and they gradually pass out together. Scene #KOB0672

31 minutes. MP4 1920×1080.

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