Sleeping With a Ghost – Chrissy Marie and Star Nine


PREVIEW for a video preview of the clip.

Sleeping With a Ghost starring Chrissy Marie and Star Nine
Star has just moved into a new apartment. Apparently it’s haunted by the ghost of a young woman! Star laughs it off. While walking around her new place, Chrissy (the ghost) stops her in her tracks. Chrissy grabs Star and wraps her in her ghostly sheet! Star is confused and Chrissy lets her go. Chrissy grabs the confused Star again and wraps her in the sheet. From under the white cloth, a smaller white cloth materializes in Chrissy’s hand! Chrissy holds it over Star’s face and taunts her with it. It is potent and is starting to make Star feel sleepy! Then Chrissy holds the cloth over Star’s face long enough for her to inhale the fumes. Her eyes roll a lot until she goes limp. Chrissy lays the sleeping Star down on the couch. Star wakes up and walks around her apartment, more confused than before. She feels Chrissy the ghost wrap her in the sheet again. Chrissy lets her go before wrapping her in the sheet again. Out comes the chloroform! The spooky ghost taunts Star again before knocking her out.

In the next scenario, it’s Chrissy who’s laughing because she heard there’s a ghost of a young woman haunting her new apartment. Chrissy walks around the apartment when she feels Star (the ghost) blocking her path and then vanishing. Later, Star grabs Chrissy and wraps her in a sheet. Star lets Chrissy go before wrapping her up again. From under the spooky sheet, a smaller sheet emerges in Star’s hand! Chrissy wonders why it smells so potent and Star taunts her with it. Then Star holds the chloroform over Chrissy’s face, knocking her unconscious. Chrissy comes to and Star sneaks up behind her and wraps her in the sheet. The soaked cloth creeps out again and Star teases Chrissy with it before knocking her out again. Scene #KOB0680

25 minutes. MP4 1920×1080

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