Sleeping Together – Star Nine and Raven Rae


Sleeping Together starring Star Nine and Raven Rae
Star and Raven, looking incredible in the cute bedtime clothes, lounge around complaining that they don’t get enough quality sleep. Raven says she got a hold of some chloroform and wants to try it out. Star is very reluctant but she agrees to watch Raven use it. Raven soaks a cloth. She sniffs it a few times, making her tired and excited. She breathes it another couple of times, then holds it against her face till she passes out. Star can’t resist her friends luscious body and starts fondling her and playing with her. After a while, Raven awakens and Star quickly slaps the cloth over her face again, knocking her out. Later, Raven awakens and describes how exciting the experience was. Star decides to try it.
Raven soaks the cloth and holds it over Star’s face. At first, Star doesn’t like it and starts to fight a little. But then she gives in to the fumes. Her eyes roll and she goes limp. Raven finds herself attracted to her sleepy friend and she fondles her and caresses her sensuously. Star awakens and talks about how much she enjoyed it. The girls decide to go to sleep together. They hold the cloths over each other’s faces until the fall over unconscious. Scene #KOB0674

29 minutes. MP4 is 1920×1080.

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