Sleeper Hold Girls – Karlie Montana and Celeste Star


Sleeper Hold Girls starring Karlie Montana and Celeste Star
Celeste and Karlie look incredible in this highly unusual knock out scene which was made as a custom video. In each of the 3 scenarios, the girls are dressed in cute, sexy outfits. In the first one, Karlie sneaks up on Celeste and puts her in a sleeper hold, knocking her unconscious. She then plays with Celeste’s limp body, partially strips her and then kisses and caresses her luscious skin. When Celeste starts to wake up, Karlie twists her neck quickly, knocking her out again. Next, Karlie sits in a bedroom. Celeste sneaks up and puts her in a sleeper hold, knocking her out. She strips Karlie and plays with her lifeless body, kissing her, playing with her hair and manipulating her. She opens Karlie’s mouth and sticks her tit in it. When Karlie starts to wake up, she twists her neck sharply, knocking her out cold. next Karlie sneaks up on Celeste and gives her a karate chop, knocking her down. She squeezes Celeste’s neck between her legs until she passes out. She takes off Celeste’s top and plays with her beautiful breasts. Then she drags her to the bedroom where she strips her to her panties and, in a very erotic scene, plays with her body. Celeste begins to awaken and Karlie uses a sleeper hold to knock her out then plays with her some more. Before leaving, Karlie uses her hands to smother Celeste into unconsciousness. Scene #KOB0492
42 minutes. The photo set contains 128 photos. MP4 HD 1280×640

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