Slave Trader and the Captive Cop – Ariel Anderssen and Rachel Adams


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Slave Trader and the Captive Cop starring Ariel Anderssen and Rachel Adams
Two bondage legends star in this thrilling scene! In Clip 1, Ariel, in just her sexy undies, is bound to a chair and gagged. She struggles hard. When police officer Rachel arrives, she quickly unties Ariel. Ariel talks about how she was abducted and tied up. But it’s all a trap! When Rachel turns away, Ariel hits her on the head, knocking her out. When she wakes up, Ariel grabs her and strips her to her panties and stockings. She ties Rachel up, secures her ankles with cuffs and cruelly silences her pleading with a ring gag. She even puts a collar and leash on the helpless Rachel. Rachel endures relentless abuse and humiliation at the hands of her captor. Despite her ankles being cuffed, she is made to walk around. Her body is groped and cropped and she is verbally abused by Ariel who tells her that she will be sold into slavery…auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Ariel’s descriptions of Rachel’s fate are truly harrowing. When potential buyer Tim Woodman shows up, Rachel is tormented by both him and Ariel. When Tim leaves, Ariel forces Rachel to her knees for more abuse. Left alone, Rachel struggles hard and finally manages to free herself. In Clip 2, Ariel returns and Rachel hits her on the head, knocking her out.  Ariel awakens tightly bound, spread out on a bed. Rachel enters, puts a ballgag and a crotch rope on Ariel and begins to fondle and verbally torment her. Ariel can’t stand the humiliation of being held captive by her former captive. She struggles wildly but can’t free herself.  There is some great gag-talk. When she’s had her fun, Rachel starts to leave but Tim grabs her and handgags her. Rachel ends up tightly bound on the bed next to Ariel!  The two women struggle and whimper in despair. Finally, Tim returns and tells them he is going to keep them both as his personal slaves. The Outtakes, which are sold separately contain some unused takes as well as some nice second camera footage which gives you alternate angles on the action. Clip 1 is 32 minutes, Clip 2 is 18 minutes. The Outtakes are 19 minutes. The Photo Set has 66 photos. Scene #BG0894

HD MP4 1920×1080

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Clip 2 – 827MB 
Outtakes – 860MB 

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