Slave Trade 1 – Sinn Sage, Anastasia, Mary Jane, Charlotte Stokely, more!


Slave Trade 1 starring Sinn Sage, Anastasia Pierce, Mary Jane Green, Alicia, Jersey, Charlotte, Promise and Allison
These clips feature an all-star cast of gorgeous girls being bound and tortured. Never before has Anton used so many sweet young sluts in one video! In clip 1, Sinn, Allison, Jersey and Charlotte are sitting in the kitchen chatting when two vicious gunmen burst into the room. They menace the terrified hotties at gunpoint and then tie them up and gag them with fat cleaves. Refusing to accept their captivity, the girls struggle vigorously against their ropes and try to untie each other. The brutish gunmen tell the girls that they are being abducted, and the girls all do a fabulous job of looking pathetic and helpless as they are carried out of the house. The girls are brought to the slave compound. Still gagged, they are forced to strip completely naked. When Sinn resists, the cruel slavers threaten to torture Jersey, compelling Sinn to comply with their devious demands. The girls are bound once more, naked on the floor. They struggle heroically, to the point of exhaustion, but cannot escape. The terrified prisoners are told of their fate: they will be sold to wealthy sadistic men who will use them as slaves. Then, slave training begins. Ferocious vixen Anastasia, dressed in shiny black latex, is put in charge of reconditioning Sinn and and a recently abducted slave, Alicia. She inspects the merchandise, scrutinizing the girls supple flesh and juicy asses. Slave Trade president Mr. Steele joins in the fun, fondling Alicia’s beautiful, vulnerable body. In clip 2, Allison, Jersey and Promise are brought to Robbie and Ryan in another room to be broken and trained. The brutes molest the girls naked, helpless flesh and force them to kiss through their slobbery ball-gags. Jersey and Promise are taken to a dingy toolshed where they are tape-gagged, bound, and left alone in the oppressive darkness. Back in another room, Anastasia unleashes her totally sadistic slave training techniques on Sinn and Alicia. She hand spanks them until their tender white butts glow cherry red, and then she paddles their asses and tits with wood and stiff leather.  Jersey and Promise struggle in their lonesome shed, while Allison endures the cruel and lecherous attentions of slave trainer Robbie. He gropes her vulnerable flesh, sucks her tits and spreads her legs, exposing her sweet pink pussy. In clip 3, Anastasia continues to torture and humiliate Sinn. She whacks her with a fierce riding crop, then brings in a new slave, Mary Jane, so she can torture the girls together. She forces Sinn to strip and bind Mary Jane. She gags Mary Jane with her own panties and then forces the two naked hotties to make out for her amusement. Promise and Jersey are taken out of isolation to be tortured with Allison. The three girls are forced to suck and lick each others tits and grope each others naked bodies.  Anastasia has Sinn and Mary Jane bound with their hands over their heads. She attaches electrodes to their nipples and tortures them with electric shock until they can hardly stand. The girls are extremely convincing as they trash around wildly in electrifying pain!  Scene #BG0161

MP4 640×480. Clip 1 is 28.5 minutes. Clip 2 is 27.5 minutes. Clip 3 is 29 minutes. The photo set has 270 photos.

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