Slave Scholarship – Stacy Burke, Vanessa, Darby, Jordan


Slave Scholarship starring Stacy Burke, Vanessa, Darby and Jordan
First, a creepy villain in a mask lures sexy college babes Stacy and Vanessa over to his house by giving them the false hope of a scholarship competition. When they arrive, he snatches them. The girls find themselves bound and gagged in the sickos bedroom. Later, their hot friends Darby and Jordan show up and find their friends in bondage. Stacy and Vanessa warn them that the guy will be back so they hide in the closet. When he comes back, he hears Jordan sneeze and finds the terrified girls. All four girls are now bound on the floor, gagged with silver duct tape. The cruel villain tells them they are going to be shipped overseas and sold as sex slaves. The girls look incredible struggling on the floor in their plaid skirts, white tops and socks. Then, all four girls find themselves tied up in the living room, Stacy and Darby totally nude on the floor and Jordan and Vanessa bound to chairs in their panties. The creep comes back and gags the college cuties. When he leaves them there for a bit to think about what awful fate awaits, them, it becomes too much for poor Stacy and she tries to hop away. But the villain catches her and reminds her who is in charge. Scene #BG0294
21 minutes. MP4 640×480

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